Open House Toolkit

Open House Toolkit is a digital sign-in sheet that works on Apple iPad (coming soon), Amazon Kindle (coming soon) and Android-based tablets. With a sleek and intuitive design, the app allows you to quickly set up your listings and customize sign-in questions.

With the work done that fast, you'll reclaim your free time!

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Getting Started

How do I get started?

After download, you will be asked to add your email address (this is also your User Name) and create a password. Then set up your agent profile (add contact info, brokerage, photo, etc). Then begin to customize the app in SETTINGS (add questions, change preferences). Then Add a Listing and Host an Open!

How Do I Add a Listing?
Add Listing

Go to “Listings” tab and select “Add a New Listing”. Then just enter the Address, Asking Price, Notes, Notifications (email of who you are reporting too) & Link (home listing, personal promo page, referral form, etc) to complete the listing information.

How do I upload photos to my listing?
Add Listing

Once you Click “Add Listing” button, you will be taken to the listing dashboard for your new property. Then begin to Add your photos. You can either take pictures with the camera on your tablet or upload any JPEG. OHT will automatically search and access any existing cloud storage apps on your tablet (Gallery, Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.) All work can be completed from your tablet. No Desktop set up necessary at all!
See below for tablet specific information:
Android: You are able to upload pictures through multiple ways: a USB storage device, save to the tablet then upload through the “Upload Gallery Pictures” option, download from cloud storage system (Google Drive, Dropbox,etc). You are also able to take pictures directly with the tablet camera, then upload to OHT. You can use your Desktop and download to OHT and set up your open from home also!
iPAD: Upload through “Upload Gallery Pictures” options, which will connect to your ICloud, Dropbox, Google Drive, etc. You can also take pictures on your IPAD and upload right to OHT.
KINDLE: Because the Kindle Fire does not have a camera, the best way is to link your Drop box or google drive to your kindle and upload your pictures directly from there You will need WIFI for this function

How do I create a custom sign in sheet?
Add Listing

Go to the “SETTINGS “ page and select “QUESTIONS”, here you can select from the types of opens (Broker Open or Open House), Type of questions (Y/N,MULTIPLE CHOICE, SHORT ANSWER BOX) and enter answer choices. You can select specific questions to use for one location, then Enable/Disable & reorder for the next location! Totally customizable! All answers are saved to the specific LEAD and can be reviewed and reported to seller if agent chooses.

How do I download lead information to my CRM?
Add Listing

Open House Toolkit offers two different functions for this. Go to the “LEADS” button in the tool bar and at the bottom of the screen you can choose between “EXPORT LEADS” or “EXPORT MOST RECENT LEADS”. This is especially useful if you do multiple opens on the same property or work for builder model with regularly scheduled open houses. The system will convert all leads to a .CSV file, for easy download to your preferred CRM. Just choose your preferred email and Open House Toolkit will attach the .CSV file automatically.

How do I identify leads I think may turn in to clients?
Add Listing

Open House Toolkit offers multiple ways for you to sort potential clients. One way is to mark leads as “HOT LEADS”. From the “Leads” page, choose to sort by either “All Leads”, “Hot Leads”, “Brokers” You can click on “Edit” next to the lead and select YES next to HOT LEADS.

How do I email clients and attendees? When do the emails go out and who does the email come from?
Add Listing

Since OPEN HOUSE TOOLKIT uses your personal email account, all emails WILL COME DIRECTLY FROM YOU, at a time of your choosing! Select the Listing you are working on. Choose between the “ EMAIL ATTENDEES” or “EMAIL MOST RECENT ATTENDEES” button to email Open House/Broker Open attendants.Open House Toolkit will Auto populate the BCC field with the Attendees email address! Select your preferred email service(Gmail works great), Some preloaded verbiage will appear along with the LINK you included while initially adding your listing. The email is totally customizable!
To Report to your seller/builder/team leader, etc- Touch “EMAIL REPORTING” Select your preferred email service (Gmail works great). Open House Toolkit will Auto populate the BCC field with the Notifications email address from the initial set up of the listing. Some preloaded verbiage will appear along with a history of all the opens you have ever done at this property and the # of sign-ins at each open! Again this email is totally customizable!

Which email options do I have?

Open House Toolkit offers 4 Email options.
1. Email Attendees- Update to attendants of any prior opens at the same location. You can choose to notify the group about a new upcoming open, price reduction, status change, new listing in the area, etc.
2. Email most Recent Attendees- This function will only auto populate the BCC field of your email with attendees of the most recent open house only. This is perfect for homes that have had multiple opens, builder models or event registrations.
3. Email Reporting- Sent to the seller of the home, your Builder Client, or Team leader.
4. Individual emails to any open house attendee in your data base. Go to “LEADS” page and search for contact, open contact and email option & phone number will be highlighted. Touch email address and Open House Toolkit will open your selected email service (Gmail, yahoo, etc.).
5. Email all leads of a particular listing only.

How do I End an Open House session and Report to the seller?

Open House Toolkit does not make you start and end open houses. The app knows if you are signing people in, you are probably hosting an open. After your Open House/Broker Open is complete, just touch “Listings” and the property you are holding open. Then do your Follow up emails and you are done!

I work on a team, how do I update the team about Open House results?

Add the necessary email address’ to “Notifications” Box under the ‘’ADD A LISTING’’ PAGE. Enter your team leader, seller and/or team members. Open House Toolkit is Customizable for all agent and teams.

How do I share the feedback information with my client after an open house?

Just EXPORT the leads from your current open house/broker open Via the EXPORT LEADS button on the bottom of the Listing page. Then save the spreadsheet to your computer or tablet. Delete which columns you don’t want to share and re save. Then email to your clients.