Open House Toolkit

Open House Toolkit is a digital sign-in sheet that works on Apple iPad (coming soon), Amazon Kindle (coming soon) and Android-based tablets. With a sleek and intuitive design, the app allows you to quickly set up your listings and customize sign-in questions.

With the work done that fast, you'll reclaim your free time!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started?

After download, you will be asked to add your email address (this is also your User Name) and create a password. Then set up your agent profile (add contact info, brokerage, photo, etc). Then begin to customize the app in SETTINGS (add questions, change preferences). Then Add a Listing and Host an Open!

How does the OHT help to manage my Open House?

The system allows for custom sign in questions and reordering, automatically collects, save and organize lead data and answers, Offers multiple email options for follow up and notifications and a REPORTING function to notify your seller with the results of the open. All of your follow up complete before you leave the house!

How does the OHT help to manage my Broker Open?

The same functionality Open House Toolkit offers for residential open houses is also available to manage your broker’s opens. Just customize the questions (see How do I create a custom sign in sheet below) and begin your broker open by touching BROKER OPEN on the listing dashboard for the house you are working on! The same follow up and reporting functions are able to be used and all of the lead info is saved. A great tool to also market to agents that have attended your past broker opens, about similar listings that you have coming up!

How is the Open House Toolkit different from a CRM System?

The Open House Toolkit is complimentary to your existing CRM system, not a replacement for it. Open House Toolkit is designed to be a data collection system and open house efficiency tool! Meant to save Realtors time in their day and make follow up as effective, easy & efficient as possible. You can download lead data to your CRM via our easy export function (see “How do I download lead information to my CRM”).

What are the benefits of the SYNC capability?

Sync is very important for 2 main reasons:
1.You are able to link multiple devices to one account (per platform) with one download fee. Operate the app on multiple tablets to alleviate bottle necks at busy open houses, and even use your Android smart phone as a secondary input source for client notes or sign ins. Just touch SYNC on each device and all devices will have matching information.
2. If your tablet breaks or is lost, all of your information is backed up on our secure private server. Never worry about losing your information! You can even download the app for free on your replacement device, just sign in and all your information will be there!

How does the Open House Toolkit help to manage my open house?

The system allows for custom sign in questions, automatically collects, saves and organizes lead data and answers, Offers multiple email options for follow up and notifications and the REPORTING function to notify your seller with the results of the open. All of your follow up complete before you leave the house! TAKE YOUR SUNDAY BACK!

Can I use OHT if I don’t have Internet access?

Yes, OHT functions completely off line. Any emails that need to be sent will be queued by your selected email service (Gmail, yahoo, etc), until you are back online, then they will be sent automatically. Also remember to SYNC your OHT and any entries made off line will be shared with the other devices you have connected to the account.

How do I disable the slide show function if I choose not to use it?

You can choose to upload 1 photo and it will stay on the screen during your open house. You can also opt to create your own agent branding JPEG (photo, logo, contact info, etc), mortgage rate sheet, what ever you choose and upload as your photo for the open house background.

Can I play music during my open house?

We decided not to provide background music, since we figured you prefer your own music better! Play your own choice of music, stream PANDORA or SPOTIFY in the background on your device while OHT is open.

My IPad goes to sleep during an open house, what can I do?

Go in to your settings and change your time out settings on your iPad.

Which devices can I link with one download?

Android: Any devices registered to you under your Gmail address. If you loose your device, upon setting up the new one, just go to the app store, download OHT again and you wont be charged another download fee.
Apple: Any iPAD(s) linked to your app store account.
Kindle- Any Kindle(s) attached to the same Amazon account.

If the system is not operating correctly, how do I contact support?

Just email “” and we will get back to you as soon as possible!